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The German Program at the Metropolitan State University of Denver 




Prof. Dr. Lawrence F. Glatz 


Prof. Heike Schmidt-Windhoff




Why learn German? 




German Area of Emphasis in the B.A. in Modern Languages degree program:
The Modern Languages Department offers a Major program in Modern Languages with a secondary emphasis in German and a minor program in German.


Introductory German: 

The basic courses German 1010 and 1020 are based on very current and excellent materials from Deutsche Welle.


Minor in German:

See the GERMAN MINOR page.


German Course Rotation:

The following courses are planned on the following three semester model:


GER 3220 LIT II             GER 3200 CIV              GER 3210 LIT I             (Culture/Literatur)

GER 3010 CONV           GER 3300 GRAM          GER 3150 PHON           (Skills)


These courses allow for an advanced student, without CLEP credits, to do one 2000 level course and the six 3000 level courses and complete an 21 credit GER minor. 


The courses also allows a student with a LING major to include two 3000 level courses (3150 and 3300) in that major and do the 21 credit GER minor with the four 2000 level courses and three other 3000 level courses. 


These courses allow a student with the six 3000 level courses to complete an IDP German Studies major with one 12 credit semester study abroad by transfer credit, the minimum needed for a good major.



See this Awards page for more information!


German Honor Society:
The Department of Modern Languages is proud to have a chapter of the National German Honor Society Delta Phi Alpha at Metro State, into which all qualified students completing a minor or major in German may apply for induction. The minimum requirements for Delta Phi Alpha are: be enrolled in last semester of study, have a declared Modern Languages major or German minor, have a 3.5 grade average in German courses, with no grade below a "B-". A one-time fee of $25.00 covers a certificate and materials. Honor cords for Commencement may also be purchased for $10.00. Contact Dr. Glatz concerning this graduation honor.


See also: Delta Phi Alpha and Delta Phi Alpha Application!


Previous German Study:
See CLEP Credits and Placement Guideline.pdf if you have German language ability before studying at MSU Denver!


German Club:

Consider joining this official student activities organization! See German Club.  


Study Abroad:
We invite all interested students to participate in learning and working opportunities in Germany.


Language Resources:
You are invited to seek out information on the language, literature, culture, history, society, media and current events of the German-speaking countries at the Germania Project: German Resources page, including a Podcasts Page.


Services from Deutsche Welle:
The Newsletter webpage offers you the opportunity to receive several e-mail newsletters for free. 


See also their Learn German and Podcasts pages!


Services from the German Information Center:
The Information webpage offers you the opportunity to receive e-mail newsletters for free.


Services from Goethe Institute:

Goethe has links to numerous helpful learning materials.


Services from Alumni Portal Deutschland:

Online learning suggestions are at Online Deutsch Lernen.


Why learn German? Some reasons:
Click on Goethe Institute's answer: Why learn German?  Here is another Why Learn German link for some answers!


See also the German Enrollments and German in a Multicultural World pages.


Wörterbücher (Dictionarys):

Leo and Canoo are great!


Language & Culture.pdf




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