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GERMAN MINOR - Catalog for 2020-21


For students minoring in German, the program provides a foundation in language, culture, literature, and writing. The German minor prepares students with a professional level of oral communication, often sought by international companies and organizations, as well as a thorough understanding of the culture of German-speaking countries. The minor in German is a very flexible program designed to complement various majors. It provides a basis for graduate level reading in many related academic areas. 


Students who are considering the German minor in the Department of Modern Languages are expected to consult with faculty for advising. A letter grade of "C-" or better is necessary in each of the required courses.


Required Courses:

•    GER 2010 - Intermediate German I *
•    GER 2020 - Intermediate German II *
•    GER 2110 - German Reading and Conversation *
•    GER 2120 - German Civilization *


Subtotal: 12

Select 1 of the following literature/culture courses:

•    GER 3200 - German Culture and Civilization
•    GER 3210 - Survey of German Literature I
•    GER 3220 - Survey of German Literature II

Subtotal: 3

Select 1 of the following skills courses:

•    GER 3010 - Third-Year German Conversation
•    GER 3150 - German Phonetics
•    GER 3300 - Advanced German Grammar

Subtotal: 3

Select 1 one other course from either 3000-level category


Subtotal: 3

Total: 21


*Students may substitute a course at the 3000-level






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