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Delta Phi Alpha

Page history last edited by Lawrence Glatz 8 years, 5 months ago

Requirements: An Explanation


To be accepted as not only as an Honor Society chapter by DPA,

but also to have this proposed honor society in 2003 be accepted by

the Graduation committee for graduation honors,

the following language was needed and used:




"In order to ensure the quality of the selection of members, we would follow these requirements:


“Each student must complete at least 21 credits (minimum for the minor) with at least a 3.5 Grade Point Average. A student may also not earn in any course a grade of C or lower.

[Example: A student completing the seven courses of the minor (four at the 2000-level and three at the 3000-level – substitutions of higher level allowed) would need four A’s and three B’s.]” "


As MSU switched to +/- grading, the language we adopted then, at this point,

was: no grade lower than B- .


The policy is over 10 years old.


At the time, the stronger chapter requirement was needed, as the Graduation committee

turned down many honor societies for „graduation honors“ ( = honor cords and recognition )

as they saw many honor societies as a „everyone can just join“ type.

Hence, some MSU honor societies exist without the right of graduation honors!





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